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An Incorporation filing will eliminate personal legal and financial liability, save taxes, and protect your personal assets


Whether you Want to Form an LLC California, or you are in the process of Forming CA LLC, or you just Setting Up a California Corporation LLC, California LLC Formation or a California LLC incorporation, We are Here to Help. Call us at .

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Incorporating  will help business owners avoid personal tax and civil liability. You can explore the options but the  form of incorporation like the C corporation is probably the best but also note that such filing also permits an eventual "S" formation -  it permits an S corporation to makes a separate filing of IRS form 2553 as an election to avoid double taxation.

This  incorporation information service provides you with  info about the formation process relative to doing business in any U.S.  state. It includes articles of incorporation filing and all documents you need to run your corporation - you can file your corporation online here.

An incorporation lawyer can advise you about the best form of incorporation, but here we only file your corporation and provide you with a package.   Incorporation service specialists will direct you to the right entity but which type of  corporation is for you alone to decide. Business incorporation Specialists will create the necessary documents so you can be legal.

We will apprise you of other options of incorporating such as the llc form. Choosing a limited liability company may provide special protections for you company. 

In most states, the law requires that you establish a physical presence within the state. With your  incorporation, we will send you a  incorporation package. It will  include all necessary documents including the stock certificates, your articles of incorporation, and your corporate by laws.  


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Business License

In addition to a DBA (Doing Business As) (California Incorporation ) registration, you will need a business license. Also called an Occupational License

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Seller's Permit

In addition to a DBA (Doing Business As) (Assumed Business Name) registration, you will need a Seller's Permit if you sell merchandise or want to buy wholesale

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EIN Federal Business ID

In addition to a DBA (Doing Business As) (Fictitious Firm Name Certificate) registration, you will need an EIN if you are an employer, LLC, Corp, or Partneship.

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LLC or Corporation?

It is recommended that you file an LLC or Incorporate your business instead of a DBA (Doing Business As) . An LLC or Corp will register your business name

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DBA (Doing Business As)

DBA (Doing Business As)

Using a trade name requires a DBA (Doing Business As) filing.


Business License

All businesses must obtain an occupational business license.

Sellers Permit

Seller's Permit

Retailers and Wholesalers must obtain a seller's permit.



Almost all businesses must obtain an Employer ID Number.

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Thanks for all the advice. You site is easy to understand. I was confused visiting all government sites to find out what I needed.
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