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What legal Business Licenses & Permits are required to start my business?

In this you will learn whether you need:



If you are planning to start a business don't forget business regulations....

Most small business advisors recommend that you at least file a name, a Business License or Permit and Get a federal tax id.

If you already decided on the type of service or product to sell, you are ready to start your  business.  The next thing you need is  to choose a legal business entity:

There are  advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation.  However, if you are ready to operate your business,  just go ahead and

First, file a Business Fictitious Trade Name or Incorporate Your Business: If you do business in a Business Fictitious Trade Name (e.g.,  Carpet Express)  other than your personal name (e.g., John Smith), you are required to register and publish  a Business Fictitious Trade Name , or Incorporate

Benefits: You need  a business name statement certificate or a corporation certificate  so you can open a merchant or business bank account, discourage competitors from using your business name, and enforce contracts you entered into under the Business Fictitious Trade Name .   

Second, get a Federal Employer Number  FEIN  or  Federal Tax Id Number, What is a federal Tax Id Number?   

Third, in California (CA) , you need a  State Tax Id Number: EIN Employer ID, if you have employee (s). So, if you don't have employees, you don't need one.  Note: you must have a federal Tax Id Number before you can Get a state Tax Id Number. 

Fourth, A Resale License: same as a  Wholesaler's or Retailer's Buyer's License, Sales Tax Certification, Wholesale License  --  you need a Wholesale License if you buy or sell wholesale or you sell retail - you don't pay taxes when buying wholesale.  Example, you sell computers or clothing online in California (CA) .. you need a Wholesale License to buy wholesale tax free.  When you sell, you charge taxes (collect taxes) to pay to government later. 

Fifth, Business License or Permit :   All businesses need a Business License or Permit . This is the same as business tax registration and it is not the same as a business name.   Note: you need  a Business Fictitious Trade Name to open a bank acount - not a business license

 See a Table of Required Documents