Legally Required

Business  Licenses,

             Tax Id Number Numbers, & Permits

 Note: All businesses are legally required to Get these documents  before  starting Business Operations . . . more....

Here's the Process:

***  These rules apply to All States &  All businesses: ***



  • All businesses need These Licenses  

    *** Including businesses run by professionals, contractors, online Websites, selling on ebay, Home-Based businesses, Sole Owners, partnerships, corporations, or any other business.   ***          

1.  Business License or Permit

2.  Business Fictitious Trade Name Business Fictitious Trade Name

3.  State Employer Number (EIN)/ Employer Identification Number EIN

4.  Seller's  Permit / Resale / Wholesaler's or Retailer's Buyer's License / Sales State Employer Number (EIN) Number

5 Federal Tax Id Number Employer Identification Number FEIN

6.  Corporation or Limited Liability Company

7.  Partnership Agreement

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