Information in Starting a Business

Licenses, Tax Id Number Numbers, and Legal Business Licenses & Permits You are Required to Have 

See  Table of Required Documents 

The following  APPLY to  ALL types of  BUSINESSES  and to ALL STATES:  

Examples of businesses: ebay, online, Home-Based , or any other business you enter into.

Our Service Covers ALL 50 STATES

Keep in mind that the following apply to all businesses: ebay, online, Home-Based , or any other business you enter into.  All businesses need these licenses. 

Also, keep in mind that we can Get ALL ( buy the bundles) these required Business Licenses & Permits for you in one low price.

Most small business advisors recommend that you file the at least the legal Business Licenses & Permits that you are required to have to start your business:

If you are planning to start a business don't forget business regulations....  In general, in most states, it is unlawful for any person, to carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, occupation or gainful activity without the required Business Licenses & Permits below. If you don't Get the documents, you may be charged with a crime and or be subject to a substantial financial penalty.  

Note that you need a fictitious Business Fictitious Trade Name certificate to open a bank account in the business' name and it is wise, as well as required, (in most cases) to Get the federal id and the Business License or Permit .

 See a Table of Required Documents 

Note that the ultimate business entity to protect you from civil and or financial liability is a corporation (Corp Advantages and Disadvantages).  More...

 See a Table of Required Documents 



After You Get Your Required Business Licenses, 

You Will Need The Following:











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Starting a Business in California (CA)



California (CA) Business Start-Up Checklist